Saturday, February 05, 2005

Life is Good...

Had an interesting day. Spent nearly 4 hours reorganizing a good part of my wine collection. I have a wine cellar unit called a Vinotemp. It's very large, 3 bottles deep and can hold nearly 1,000 bottles of wine. I haven't bought much wine lately (trying to save a bit of $$'s), but I'm pretty sure my collection is still pretty close to 1,000 bottles, a good portion of which is in the Vinotemp. Crazy, huh?

Things were getting a bit haphazard in the ole Vinotemp, so I pulled out nearly all of the wine and did a pretty big reorg. The weather was cool, so my garage temp was low enough so that the wine wouldn't get heat stroke. There was a point where a very large portion of my garage floor was covered in with wine bottles, and I have a pretty large 3 car garage... gazing out at the wine was an oddly comforting feeling. If I do say so myself, I have some pretty cool wine there and it was a good feeling to see all those bottles and to know that I will be drinking them one day with my friends and family. Happy, happy.

So I restacked everything and found about 3 cases or so of wine that I decided to get rid of. The front office staff and teachers at my children's school will the beneficiaries of this as usual. Nothing earth shattering, but some pretty nice merlots and other whatnot, mainly from the Central Coast and some decent Italian stuff. Hope they like it.

Had a good meal at dinner with my wife and kids. I made some great prime rib eye steaks... one of my favorite things. Spice/herb rub seared into a crust on a HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT cast iron skillet then finished off in the oven at around 540 degrees, served with highly aromatic jasmine rice and the freshest steamed green beans seasoned with just a touch of Fleur de Sel. A simple but incredibly delicious and satisfying meal. The wine was a 2001 Marco di Giulio Mark K Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon... great. Good Saturday and spending quality time with my wife and kids... happy happy!

Like I said, Life is Good... I need to appreciate it more. :)

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